Christmas Traditions

What’s Your Christmas Morning Routine?

When you’re planning your Christmas holiday, don’t forget to do a little planning for Christmas morning.  Of course dinners and presents are at the forefront of your mind during these hectic times, but you want to make Christmas morning special for you and your kids.

In our house, Christmas morning is magical.  We play it up big on Christmas Eve, so by the next morning, my kids’ excitement level is bubbling over.  You need to make sure you’re up early and have the cameras and camcorders all in place.

My husband and I neatly place the Santa toys and stocking right in front of the Christmas tree. It’s wonderful seeing my kids walk down the hall and watch their eyes widen when they see their gifts. I don’t mind the wrapping paper flying in all directions or the chaotic noise of toys everywhere. I just love that there’s a celebration and everyone’s enjoying themselves.

Want to learn some specific tips about making Christmas morning special? From the perfect Christmas morning cup of coffee to the best way to bag up all of the mess that’s made, visit here to get help you plan the perfect day!