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Watch for Important Recalls from Your Christmas Tree Shop!

With all the recent recalls on everything from food to toys recently, it’s a good idea to check for any recalls on your old Christmas lights and decorations. You can go to the manufacturer’s site and easily find this information.


And if your lights are old and extension cords are showing signs of wear and tear, you may want to invest in new ones. Old lights and extension cords that have any signs of fraying aren’t safe. Plus, they may not meet current safety requirements if they were bought several years ago.

You may dread the thought of doing this as it can be time-consuming and cost you some money to replace items. Most of us do! Still, safety should always be your primary goal, especially when it comes to anything electrical. There are more home fires during the holiday season than just about any other time of the year.

So don’t risk it. Check for any recalls and throw away and replace any old Christmas lights and cords that are frayed in any way or just don’t meet today’s safety code. Doing this is a simple but extremely important way to ensure your Christmas will be merry and bright!