Christmas Decoration

Top Tips for Keeping Family Safe This Christmas

The holidays are only a few weeks away. Everyone is running around, checking off their shopping lists, baking cookies, sending out Christmas cards and a myriad of other jolly activities. Filing insurance claims or time spent in the E.R. doesn’t usually factor into the equation, but it requires some vigilance and common sense on our parts to avoid just that. Holiday time is magical, but the added hustle and bustle, the excess of lights strung up around the house and the general risk of an accident goes up at this time of the year. Thankfully, a few precautions can keep the holidays running smoothly and stress free (at least until January when the credit card bills turn up).

Tip #1: Make sure your decorations aren’t outdated. Do you still have the same lights that your parents were using in 1952? Modern lights are much safer than their older counterparts. They don’t put off as much heat for one, which lowers the chance that a little one in your house might burn their fingers. Also, old wiring is more prone to shorts, which could lead to a house fire. Newer lights, especially LED lights, are better for your budget too since they use less electricity.

New, shatter-proof ornaments might be something for you to consider as well, especially those with small children in the home. Nothing quite ruins the holiday spirit like a trip to the E.R. to remove glass from little Johnny’s foot.

Tip #2: Keep an updated fire extinguisher handy and make sure everyone in the house knows how to operate it. From turkeys going up in smoke, candles burning to the new wood burning kit that some well-meaning relative just HAD to get for your kid, there are plenty of opportunities for an accidental fire. Another good idea is to post the P.A.S.S. (Point. Aim. Squeeze. Spray) method in an easy to spot space, since it’s easy to lose your head in an emergency.

Tip #3: After the presents are opened, the screams of joy are shrieked and the six cups of coffee are downed by Mom and Dad, remember to pick up all the wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, bits of tape, and the ten million annoying little plastic bits that have been wrestled off the packaging, all of which pose a choking hazard to small children and pets alike. What looks inedible to you is shiny and tempting to them.

Holiday safety is a simple affair with a little vigilance on your part. Here’s to a happy and safe Christmas this year!