Christmas Tips

Stay Safe This Christmas

The Christmas Season is the largest holiday season in the world. Families get together and people open their wallets to buy presents for each other. The effect on the retail industry doesn’t go unnoticed, with almost every business experiencing doubling their sales. Unfotunately, crime and accidents also increase during the holiday season. Nothing can ruin your holidays like an accident or becoming a victim. Here is your guide to stay safe this holiday season.


Prevent Burglaries

One of the crimes that increases the most during the holiday season is burglary. Shortly after Christmas, people put their empty boxes in the trash and out on the street. This is almost an invitation to criminals. There is nothing like an empty TV box on your curb after Christmas to let criminals know you have a new TV.

Instead of putting your big boxes out on the street for trash collection. tear them into smaller pieces and conceal them in a garbage bag. It may take longer to get rid of all the Christmas packaging ,but it is safer than leaving it where people can see it.

If you leave the house for an overnight stay, put your lights on a timer to give the illusion that someone is home. Check out the movie Home Alone and watch it for some fun creative ideas.
Have your neighbors collect your newspaper and mail ,if you aren’t going to be in town

Prevent Fires

Almost every Christmas we read a headline, “Fire leaves family homeless”. Unattended Christmas trees and overheated lighting cause numerous fires during the Holiday Season. Thin wrapping paper, dry Christmas trees and hot lights are perfect scenarios for house fires. A little preparation can help prevent these fires.

Put your lights on a timer. Many fires start when the family is asleep and the Christmas lights are left on. Get a wall-timer and set it to turn your lights off at a certain time. If you forget to turn them off, you won’t have to worry.

Keep candle use to a minimum. In the Uk alone ,candles were responsible for more than 1000 house fires. If you use candles, keep a small bucket of water or fire extinguishers close by.

 -Do not use tea lights or candles on the Christmas tree.
 -Do not overload electrical outlets.

Be Prepared

There are numerous visits to emergency rooms every holiday year. Many of these are due tor a lack of preparedness. Two of the most common accidents are caused by children who are alone with toys or people getting cuts from trying to open packaging.

Have scissors handy to help open packages. Many people turn to knives for a lack of scissors and end up cutting their hands open.

Make sure the toys are age- appropriate and don’t have small parts that may pose a choking hazard.
Have batteries for the toys on hand. Many people take the batteries out of the fire alarms or security system which reduces their protection.


Holidays is the time when many people decide to travel. They will travel long distances or short distances to spend the time with family or close friends. In the northern hemisphere, bad road conditions are common during the holiday season. Combine bad road conditions with rushed travel and the result is thousands of car wrecks.

Plan accordingly so you have enough time to get there. Many people create their travel itineraries based on the minimum amount of time available. This often forces people to drive tired or faster, even when the roads turn bad.

Follow these tips in order to keep safe this Christmas and give your family the perfect gift, a safe Christmas season.