Christmas Entertaining

Most Romantic Christmas Ideas on a budget

Christmas is a perfect time to tell your special someone you love them. Christmas is also a stressful time financially. When it comes to romance, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to really get your point across. If you have that special someone but you don’t have the cash to buy her that diamond earring set, here are a few things that are absolutely heartwarming.


#1. Create a love book

A love book is a little book that tells the story of your relationship. Each page features another image from your past. Chapter one could be how you met, chapter two could be your first kiss. Most home supply places could help you create this for a relatively small amount of money. You can hand draw the pictures, even use stick figures or use actual pictures. The pages and text should be hand- written to add a more personal feel.

#2. Create love coupons

Love coupons require a little creativity- some paper and your devotion. Create several coupons that your love- one can cash it at any time. On one coupon you would add something that says redeemable for one back rub, or one kiss. Use your imagination; it could be anything you know the other person would appreciate. You could include a coupon saying you will do a chore for them, like cooking dinner or have a date night; just make sure you are willing to do what is on the coupon.

#3. A personalized couple’s picture frame

A picture frame with both of you together with the outside of the picture frame neatly engraved with both of your names. Pick her favorite picture of you two together.

#4. Personalized pottery

There are numerous places where you can pick out a piece of pottery, paint it, then have it fired. If she is a coffee drinker, a coffee mug is a great idea. The fact that you painted it, makes it all the more romantic and special. Most of these places have a variety of things you can choose from and paint. If she isn’t into coffee she may be into piggy banks, or figurines. There is something for everyone and a lot of love for your significant other.

#5. Her own email.

This one takes a lot of preparation and has to be done in advance. At the beginning of the year, open up an email account for her. Send her an email everyday letting her know what you love about her. On Christmas Day, give her the user name and password. She will be really happy that you thought about her everyday.

#6. Jar full of love

This is similar to her own email. Instead of an email ,you write something special about her on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. At the end of the year, you give her the jar. Everyday for the next year she pulls one of the piece of papers out, it should make her day great.. Its the gift that keeps on giving.
None of these take very much money ,but they show a lot of thought. If you happened to be cash- strapped this holiday season or want to prepare for next holiday season, these are sure-fire ways to keep the romantic flames burning.