Christmas Decoration

Innovative Christmas Decorations

There is no other time of the year I enjoy to a greater extent than Christmas. As soon as the radios start to play Christmas music just Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving, I am in the attic bringing out the packages of Christmas decorations. I have more boxes than my husband would care for me to have. Within hours, I have those Christmas decorations scattered all over the house and I’m in my creative decorating mode. My husband hates it because he recognizes he’ll most likely be enrolled to do some tedious decorating. He usually tries to escape when he knows I’m looking around for the Christmas decorations. This last year, I handed him the package of lights and told him to decorate the outside bushes and porch. He looked a bit relieved that he was getting out of the house but not excited at the potential hours of work ahead of him. I remained inside and pulled out the most important Christmas decorations. Over the years, I’ve collected many Christmas decorations that belonged to grandparents or other relatives. I’ve bought antique Christmas decorations as well. I like to think that the person who had it gets some of their Christmas spirit passed on by exhibiting those once favorite Christmas decorations.
I put my Christmas decorations up just after Thanksgiving and show them until New Year’s Day. The holiday season is such a great time of the year and the decorations only heighten its happiness and pleasure in my family. We make a great point of decorating the tree as a family and setting the stockings out. While my children no longer believe in Santa, the magic of Christmas still survives. Their stockings are one of the first things they rummage for when the boxes of Christmas decorations are brought down from the loft. Once the holiday season has officially arrived, trips to the mall become more pleasant. While you may be combating longer lines and struggling for parking places, the Christmas decorations and music that many malls play are just exquisite. Many shoppers don’t even bother to pay attention to the time and endeavour that people spent decorating, but I do. I try to not get anxious when the stores are more packed and people aren’t being as civil as they commonly are. I take the time to appreciate the Christmas decorations and enjoy the time. Next time you are standing in line with an arm full of gifts for others, wishing the person in front of you would hurry up, take some time to glance around. Appreciate the beauty of the time. Possibly it will assist to get you into the Christmas feel.