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How to NOT Have A Very Tacky Christmas

‘Tis the season to be stylish!


Most people are content trimming their home with whatever novelty Christmas decorations are in stock at their local chain supermarket or retail outlet. Every living room glows garishly with the same tacky discount illuminations, in a battle of conflicting themes that are all commonly misconstrued as just being “Christmassy”. But for the style-conscious, there’s a very thin line between Winter Wonderland and Classic Victorian when it comes to Christmas décor, and you’d never dream of unironically fusing the two so tactlessly. And you can forget about tinsel!

For more traditionally styled homes with a lot of natural wood finishes, the rustic homely style of a traditional Christmas works well. You can have the big pine or fir tree, and take inspiration from the rich reds, greens and browns found outdoors this time of year. Wreaths, pinecones and holly are always a favourite, and you can use them to create elegant woodsy themes that resemble the classic Victorian Christmas when such decorations were collected from the winter world outside to be tied, bowed and placed around the Christmas home.


A splash of metallic or jewel tones pairs well with the organic décor, adding a shimmering touch of opulence and drawing attention to certain parts of the room that you wish to highlight. Keep this at a minimal, and you’ll find that you may not even want to add Christmas lighting as the room seems to sparkle in all the right places on its own. Alternatively, a soft warm-white glow can add that extra twinkle without being too visually overwhelming.

Contemporary homes can’t expect to wear the same look so stylishly, and may be better suited to a “Kitschy Christmas” theme or a more modern look using clean-edge geometrical shapes and bold colour schemes against a frosty white canvas. Selecting just one or two accent colours to brighten up the white space adds a contemporary, minimalist chic.

Nothing exudes Christmas luxury like the natural smell of an authentic tree, but this might not always fit with your Contemporary Christmas theme. However, you shouldn’t be fooled into believing that all artificial trees are cheap. A good artificial tree can make even the most fantastical of trees come to life. Hot pink tree? A good one can look quite convincing, despite its unnatural colour, and draw gazes immediately toward that area of the room.

A light, shimmering “frosting” on the Christmas tree can really transform the room into a cool Winter Wonderland. By introducing furs (or faux furs), which work great for Christmas decorations regardless of whether you strive for modern or traditional, you can quickly make the room feel cosy again. Gorgeous fur fabrics can be purchased in almost every colour to match your room’s scheme, and can be used for throws, cushions, rugs or even Christmas stockings. Avoid going overboard with the fur, and you’ll find the perfect harmony between cool and cosy.


The dining room is often the second most festive room after the living room or social room. A formal dinner table rarely looks out of place in the Christmas dining room with a secondary Christmas tree in the corner, a beautiful centrepiece and a few choice placements of other decorative items. Candles, soft lighting and plush cushions or seat covers can make the dining table feel both cosy and glamorous. So long as nobody puts a Christmas cracker at each place setting, it’s very difficult for the dining table not to feel luxurious so long as you set it formally with your best china, glassware and napkins and set the lighting to create the right atmosphere.

If you have an accent motif in your home, finding its perfect Christmas counterpart can really complete your home’s unique festive look and can be strategically scattered around your home as little seasonal vignettes.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… But what does your Christmas look like?