Christmas Day 2019
Christmas Traditions

Feel Christmas Day 2019

A Christmas Day 2019, is like no other day and though it very far from a Christmas day, but something of that day I recollected that made me think about it. There is something about the Christmas day and the Christmas spirit that one can’t forget even in the middle of the rains.

When we were kids the kind of aura of the approaching Christmas Day was something that I waited for in anticipation from end of November, and it continued way into the new year. The chill of December, just added to the warmth of Christmas season and it became even more special on Christmas day.

The Shopping and the clothes, the visits of friends and family, the immense quantity of food and chocolates all culminating in a huge get together of the entire family around the huge campfire and the dancing around the Christmas tree is amongst some of the most memorable days of my life.

Things began to change as I grew up, I did remember the special feeling and all the fun of Christmas day as a kid, but a certain distance crept in my outlook.

I don’t know why, but I feel that there is something that is amiss and that it was there when I was a kid but no longer as a grown up. Maybe as a grown up the Christmas day doesn’t seem important, or not that fun any longer, or maybe it is just a part of being grown up.

But then there are day like this when something wants you to go back in time and relive those experiences that gave you so much happiness, just because of the approaching Christmas day. That’s when it hits me that how simpler life was then, and how easy it was to give in to the Christmas spirit.