Christmas Gift

Elliptical Machines for Christmas and the New Year!

If you’re shopping for Christmas presents for someone you know who will be starting an exercise regimen come January first, then you might consider getting them an elliptical machine. Or maybe it’s something you want to ask Old Saint Nick to bring to YOU this year?


For those who want proper and healthful exercise equipment, there are many types to choose from. The newest machine that is making all the others take second seat is the elliptical machine and you can bet Santa will be delivering many of these because they’re hot sellers on Amazon, what with the FREE Shipping they come with!

But a very good question to ask before buying is “do elliptical machines work?” Before you lay out any sum of money, it will pay to do some homework ahead of time – and you’d better research fast because Christmas is right around the corner! Let’s look at elliptical machines and how they can help you:

To know if elliptical machines work, it helps to know just what kind of exercise they are meant to simulate. The whole point of exercise is to create some kind of physical challenge all the while not harming your body. The elliptical machine, or elliptical treadmill as it is sometimes called, is designed to simulate natural walking movement without the damaging jarring to your knees and hips.

This motion is accomplished by using an axle similar to a bicycle only the stride is longer and flatter, rather than circular. In this way the knees are protected from the unnatural pounding associated with jogging, running or even walking.

So you can expect to be able to work out for longer periods of time. In this sense you will find an elliptical machine works better for those whose knees and hips are already in bad shape. Another feature of the elliptical machine is that you can do interval training or whichever form of cardio training you are used to with upper body exercise, too, if the machine is so equipped.

Make sure you find out if the handle bars give you a workout, too, because some machines just allow the arms to swing to and fro with the foot action basically acting as a way to stabilize yourself while working out.

How do they differ from other gym equipment, you may be wondering? Although the elliptical trainer helps you with walking/running motion like a standard treadmill, the main benefit of the elliptical treadmill is that it “saves the knees.” So, which would you stay with longer: a machine that gives you a workout and eases joint discomfort or one that simply gives you a workout?

You already know you need to add exercise to your daily plans. It just makes sense to make that exercise as beneficial and healthful for the long term. The elliptical trainer does just that and now with models designed for the home user, you can gain the benefits of walking from the comfort of your own home.