Christmas Around The World
Christmas Decoration

Christmas Around The World

Christmas is celebrated with great fervor and festivity all over the world. Christmas is the sweetest festival of the revolving year. Christmas time has different meanings for different people. Of course the main reason is for Jesus’ birth. Giving gifts at this time has become probably the most important factor though. Christmas is one of the happiest seasons of our life. It gathers us together as families, where we create special loving traditions and many loving memories. During Christmas time the world is decorated with lots of Christmas imageries, Santa, adorned Christmas trees, beautiful Christmas ornaments, unhurried-burning candles, relatives gatherings and the carol singing – all make brighter our mood and residence in spite of the snow and cold outside.

We should take the opportunity to discuss the origins of Christmas and the attitude of giving with our children. We should allow our children to participate in the Christmas school plays and church school plays. Make sure your children are directly involved in at least one charity event over the holiday. They can donate a toy or even help with a fund raising drive for those less fortunate.

On Christmas day, all the people think of novel and exclusive ideas to celebrate Christmas with dear ones. Using clip art to adorn more things around, will gives a emotion of fullness in everything.

Tips on Decorating your Home for the Christmas Season
1. Do designing the front door.
2. When designing hallways, you could always make a colorful banner that says “Merry Christmas”.
3. Living rooms are main favorite section of the house to decorate.

It is fact that the tradition of Christmas tree is one that was brought to the coast of America by immigrants of German who sustained a perform that was very familiar in their previous homeland. Now a days, the Christmas tree, or at least the miniature tree, is there in every house at Christmas eve. According to National Christmas Tree Association, Americans purchase about 330,000 Christmas trees.

Decorating the Christmas tree just wouldn’t be the same without Christmas ornaments. After all, it happens only once a year and the decorations are a treasure to behold. Together, people design the Christmas socks then hang these on chimney wall and people tell to children tales about Saint Nicholas such that to make the children deem on Christmas festival, the socks would be full with candies and toys.

Everybody wants to impress his or her dear ones with an exquisite gift for Christmas. The gift must reflects how much care you have dedicated to select this. Give some personal touch to turn the simple gift into a unique piece.

Even though Christmas is based on Christian religion, all Christian groups not celebrate this season. Jehovah Witnesses don’t celebrate the Christmas day and related customs such as distribution of greeting cards. Non-participating Christian groups including Jehovah Witnesses say Christmas is not mentioned in the Bible as a reason to celebrate, so they strictly stick to word of Bible, they decline to celebrate the Christmas.

Christmas in US

In USA, the Christmas celebrations mix various elements from the different places. The tradition of Christmas tree comes from the Germany, parade is from the Latin America, Santa Claus is from Europeans, carols from English and Australians. Every family in United States of America has their personal Christmas celebrations apart from general celebrations with feast, carols, decoration and gift-giving. The traditions in US differ from a place to other. There is essential celebration with the lighting of tree on Ellipse, in Washington DC. Here you will find a big tree, represents the country and other small trees, represent the states. Caroling is center of thousands throngs Jackson Square in the New Orleans, every year to have the huge group or community caroling in the region of huge bonfires lit all along river Mississippi. An old town in US, Florida, St. Augustine, has complete town lit up the lights of white colour. Except white lights no lights allowed on that day.

Christmas in England

The wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ and gift-giving is of course there in England. The England is the origin place for hanging stocking on Christmas. It is believed that the Father Christmas while coming downward a chimney, once dropped the gold coin and the coin landed on a stocking hanged out. So, the hanging stockings idea on Christmas day is popular today, make this as point to suspend the stocking for Santa Claus to pack these with the Christmas goodies. ‘Pantomime’ is also a popularized Christmas tradition in some parts.

Christmas in France

In the France, the Christmas is known as No?l and the Father of Christmas is called P?re No?l. Christmas trees will be decorated with candles and red ribbons. On Christmas, fir tree is also lighted. People gather and banquet on mutton and wine. The kids of France put boots and shoes by fireplace for Santa claus to put goodies in those. Every family in France fixes the Nativity scene in the home on the Christmas day.

Christmas in Germany

The Christmas celebration of English is so similar to the St. Nicholas Day celebrations of the December 6, In Germany. The Christmas traditions and customs of Christmas differ from a place to other in Germany, apart from wishing each other a ‘Froehliche Weihnachten’ or ‘Merry Christmas’. St. Nicholas Day is a day of the youngsters to find pampered in the gifts. Then the real Christmas gifts-giving kick off at Christmas night. Gifts are normally kept under Christmas tree. Then the people enjoy a roast goose in the Christmas meal. Weihnachtsmann brings gifts on Christmas and sometimes Christmas gifts are brought by Christkind .

Christmas in the Portugal

Portugal Christmas is same as Spanish Christmas. The gifts brought by the Father Christmas to kids, are generally kept at in shoes near the fireplace. And at midnight of Christmas Festival, the Portugal people have an extraordinary Christmas meal with dry, salted fish and nice boiled potatoes. Then in the morning of Christmas Eve, they will have a ‘consoada’ meal, there seats are kept vacant at table for ‘alminhas the penar’ or ‘souls of dead’. It is an ancient carry out of leave-taking seeds to dead relatives in the hopes of receiving rewarded by many bountiful harvest.

Christmas in Spain

Feliz Navidad! is ‘Merry Christmas’ for the Spanish-speaking population. Christmas is essentially religious in spirit and celebration in Spain. Spain observes a pious Christmas festivity because of Virgin Mary is the country’s patron saint. Here, Christmas begins from December 8, the day of feast of the Immaculate Conception. Every year, the Spanish celebrate Christmas in front of Seville’s Gothic cathedral with ‘los Seises’ or the ‘dance of six’ ceremony.