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Bingo Christmas

It’s Christmas soon, and I like Christmas. That’s not an alternative view to take I know; in fact most people will probably agree with me. What I love most about Christmas is the traditions. The idea that a family will get together through better or worse, to share each other’s company, as well as a nice meal, is always an idea that comforts me when the winter months roll in.

It’s the little individual traditions that often make Christmas unique. For example, every year my family will sit down for a friendly game of Bingo. This is a choice influenced by my mother’s strong love of Bingo. It all started when she visited a local bingo hall, later joining one of the larger clubs, and now she enjoys online bingo. She actually meets quite a lot of people playing bingo, and has gained quite a lot of new friends. It’s great to see a retired individual continuing to be social. It was her passion for the game that led my mother to the decision a few years ago that she would introduce the idea of playing bingo, and we enjoyed it so much that we’ve played it every year since. You could say it’s become part of our lives.

The main reason we still enjoy bingo as our Christmas tradition is because it brought us together. See, bingo is a game which is designed around the social aspect.  It provides competition, which is always an excellent stimulus for conversation, without the elements of gloating that could come with other games like, let’s say, Monopoly. In Monopoly players compete to have control over an entire city, to monopolise, as it were. It’s a great skill-based game, but it can often lead to jealousy and bickering when players are over achieving (at least with my family anyway). In bingo, you rely on luck. If your sister has won more games than you, it’s not really her fault, she couldn’t help it. It’s not at all like that time she ruthlessly stripped you of your remaining assets when you landed on Park Lane with a hotel. In bingo, before you know it, you could be the one on a winning streak.

With the atmosphere at Christmas, staying in, with a few drinks and your close ones to enjoy a little fun, doesn’t get much better. In many ways, I look forward to playing bingo with my family more than the actual meal on Christmas Day. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference, and bingo is definitely one of those little things that can make a big difference.

If you’ve never played bingo before, I suggest you give it a go with your family this Christmas. It doesn’t have to be grand, a few cards and a bag of numbered balls will do the trick. You’ll definitely be thankful, and maybe you’ll end up like my mum, who loves to play because of the friends she has gained, finding a whole lot more through life in the process.