Christmas Trees
Christmas Tree

A History of Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are nowadays a staple during the holiday season. A Great Deal individuals, despite their different religions and cultures,Christmas Tree Christmas Trees indulge in these symbolic representations of the holiday spirit. Someone does not have to be a Christian to appreciate the culture behind Christmas trees. In fact, the story of this Christmas image started way ahead of the creation of Christianity.


Christmas trees are generally coniferous trees that are numerous in the region. Types of coniferous trees are spruce, fir and pine trees. These commonly have needle like leaves and bear cones. Of course, artificial trees are also popular during the season because these just need to be kept after seasons and taken pout again when the holidays come around. Christmas trees are generally adorned with numerous decorations which range from balls to ribbons as well as candles and popcorn. Some ornaments used to embellish the Christmas trees are representative of the time of year.

Pagan Worship of Trees

There is really no direct link to any pagan worship of trees during the very early days of civilization but numerous clans in Germany, Tunisia as well as the United Kingdom have preferred coniferous trees. The very first record of a decorated tree was in Germany where the exercise of decking coniferous trees was done in the worship of fertility gods. The exercise of decorating the trees usually occurred during the winter solstice which is commonly just about December 21. The pagan practice was adopted by Christianity when the Church declared December 25 as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Trees Now

Presently, Christmas trees come in numerous different sizes from the tabletop trees up to the gigantic trees used for outside areas. The preferred figure of the Christmas trees is usually triangular, sharpening towards the top, and this is the ordinarily form that artificial trees are made into. The leaves of artificial Christmas trees come in several forms but usually try to be as true to real trees as possible.


Real trees are also rather popular and there are many Christmas tree farms all over the United States of America that cater to homes and people who prefer the looks and sense of real pine trees. Christmas tree farms usually sell their ten year old trees and plant new Christmas trees to grow for another ten years. Trees that come from these varieties of farms are generally well taken care of and often have the preferred triangular shapes that numerous individuals need for their trees.